What we do?

We are a bright bunch of like-minded yet silly people, focusing on providing a world-class online & offline platform to creators and lovers of art. Powering up these kick-ass creative geniuses is what fuels us. Interestingly, we are also India’s first Omni channel marketplace for artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs. The fun part part is, you can shop those unique products in any of our marketplaces, online or offline, we got a vibrant store at Bangalore for now. By the heavenly father’s blessing we plan to have an international store next year.

Everyone had a lil designer or crafter in them. If you are a closeted crafter or designer too, come to is with your designs, our marketplaces would love to have you. (Obviously we will check you are original and not pitching us a paper boat)

Our story

Doesn’t that pinwheel in our Logo remind you of your playful and breezy childhood? That’s what we are as a brand, fun and fresh! Well, the smarts ones out of you would also notice its handmade, like all our unique products.

We are a quirky set of people who laugh at the silliest of Jokes. The other day we laughed at a Joke for a good 15 minutes and another 5 just because we realized we were being stupid. Wait, didn’t our brand name already talk about the quirkiness? Anyways, its best we talk a wee tiny bit about ourselves before anyone else does.

Our founders are big suckers of stories and surprises; they still stand by it even in this fiercely competitive digital era. Apart from the awkward story telling the tech team does, we also focus on making our products tell their stories. Nearly everything you see on our shelves (Well, they aren’t very bright in particular), have a beautiful story to it. Chances are high, you won’t find those beauties anywhere else.

Feel free to ask us the story, we wouldn’t want to bore you voluntarily. (Our corporate Policies restrict us from doing so!) Our products aren’t factory manufactured, each has a human designing and working on it at some corner in the world.

Each of our product is unique and touches at the least one good chord of your emotion

Life is monotonous now, isn’t it? Our products are designed to have that human touch to it, to cheer up our customer’s chaotic and highly automated days. We are here to share the joy of the human behind these products and the stories they have to share.

Our products fill in the blanks for you and your personality

It gives us immense pleasure when we are told how our products have become a part of our customer’s identity. The other day, one of our regulars walked up to tell how his date loved the Tee shirt Patch he had on his first date. Apparently she later told, the patch of “Jar of Fucks” made it clear the guy would get her bitchiness right.

Aww, these tiny stories make our days at work!

Come visit us, you can go through the new slogans on tee shirts or get inspired by our Posters. Else we can together feel offended at the sarcastic slogans on our mean Coffee mugs.